Be sure to avoid the 3 big mistakes in choosing headphones

2018-09-17 09:29:20 231

As a professional technician who makes headphones, share it with you. Even if the headset is white, you can identify the earphones by yourself. You can also choose a good headset that suits you.

First of all, the average person will experience 3 major mistakes when choosing headphones:

1, only listen to the bass to judge whether the headphones are good or bad

This is definitely wrong! Because the bass is actually the easiest to adjust, there is no technical content at all, the small master debugging.

Because many people who don't understand headphones think that the most prominent headphones are good headphones. So now you can find a very exaggerated heavy bass headphones by looking for a place to spread the goods. Why do so many people think that bass is outstanding? Because they all misunderstood the true face of good voice. When the bass is heavy, the high-pitched sound will be weakened, and the sound will be severely distorted, making the ear uncomfortable.

2. The louder the sound, the better the headphones?

Not necessarily! The sound of the headphones is very loud, but it means high loudness and does not mean good quality. This involves an important premise: no distortion. If you like yourself and enjoy music time quietly, it is best to choose a sound that is better, close to the original sound; if you are often in some noisy environment, or like to listen to radio or online novels Classes, earphones with high sound selectivity can also be used, but it should be noted that the sound assembly has a bad influence on the eardrum, so wear it carefully. Usually try not to adjust the sound too much, and do not wear headphones for a long time.

3. Is the enamel earphone toxic?

In large speakers, the base metal is often placed on the top of the sound as a sphere, which conveys the purest, clear treble. Therefore, there are some earphones with better sound quality on the market, and the diaphragm material is made of base metal. However, because the price of bismuth is very expensive, the 38 mm diameter bismuth metal sphere will cost 1000 US dollars. Therefore, the clever merchants have come up with the plating of the base metal on the diaphragm to form a enamel coating diaphragm, which can control the cost and achieve the desired sound quality.

However, the problem has come, and Du Niang tells us that it is toxic and can cause cancer!

However, in fact, cockroaches are indeed toxic in the state of gasification and dust, but the solid cockroaches are absolutely non-toxic. The melting point of bismuth is 1700 degrees +. Under natural circumstances, we can't make it vaporized or become dust, so don't worry about the problem of poisoning.