Bluetooth earphone

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Bluetooth earphone

The Bluetooth headset is to apply Bluetooth technology to the hands-free headset, so that users can avoid the annoying wires and easily talk in a variety of ways. Since the advent of the Bluetooth headset, it has been a good tool for mobile business people to improve efficiency.

Bluetooth is a low-cost, high-capacity, short-range wireless communication specification. A Bluetooth laptop is a laptop with Bluetooth wireless communication. The name Bluetooth has a legend. In the 10th century AD, the Nordic lords contend for the hegemony, and the Danish king came forward. With his unremitting efforts, the bloody war was stopped, and all parties sat at the negotiating table. Through communication, the princes bury their hatchets and become friends. Because the Danish king loves to eat blue plum, so that the teeth are dyed blue, known as the Bluetooth king, so Bluetooth has become synonymous with communication. Today, a thousand years later, when new wireless communication specifications were introduced, people used Bluetooth to name it.   In 1995, Ericsson first proposed the concept of Bluetooth. The Bluetooth specification works in the microwave band, with a transmission rate of 1 Mbytes per second and a maximum transmission distance of 10 meters, which can reach 100 meters by increasing the transmission power. Bluetooth technology is open to the world, with good compatibility on a global scale, and the world can be integrated through a low-cost invisible Bluetooth network.


Bluetooth headset specifications: HSP, HFP, A2DP


As for the purchase of Bluetooth headsets, because of the many brands of mobile phones and headsets, the most troublesome for consumers is the compatibility between mobile phones and Bluetooth headsets. The manufacturer pointed out that the Bluetooth headset has three specifications, HeadsetPro-file (HSP), HandfreeProfile (HFP) and A2DP. The HSP provides the basic functions required for communication between the mobile phone (mobile phone) and the headset. HandfreeProfile (HFP) adds some extensions to HeadsetPro-file (HSP), which was originally only used to control mobile phones from a Bluetooth headset fixed car handsfree. A2DP (Advanced Audio Transmission Specification) Allows transmission of stereo audio signals. (The quality is much better than the mono encryption for HSP and HFP). Determine the compatibility of the headset with the phone.

Among them, the HFP format Bluetooth headset supports the mobile phone function more completely, and the consumer can simultaneously operate the mobile phone to set the hands-free option functions such as redial, call retention, and call rejection. For example, the Bluetooth headsets introduced by several major manufacturers such as Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, and QCY are mostly supported by HFP format. Paite is supporting both HFP and HSP, and consumers should pay special attention when purchasing.

In addition, when consumers purchase Bluetooth products, they often encounter the problem of how to choose the Bluetooth technology version. The Bluetooth version is different, which is related to the quality of the received signal. The new version emphasizes the ability to overcome noise interference, and all the latest versions of Bluetooth are designed to be downward. Compatible with all previous versions, 2.0 version of the device and version 1.1 can also be freely connected, 3.0 compatibility is relatively strong, is a relatively mature technology, and Bluetooth 4.0 is also a high version compatible with the low version, and battery life is also due to technical tips Increase, consumers should measure prices and demand when purchasing.


Bluetooth headset usage distance: not only depends on the headset


Another important point of the Bluetooth headset is the transmission distance, which is independent of the Bluetooth version and depends on the Bluetooth technology PowerClass. Most mobile phones and mobile devices use PowerClass2 with a standard transmission distance of 10 meters. The upgraded PowerClass1 increases the transmission distance to 100 meters. Both versions support the A2DP stereo transmission protocol and can be interconnected with stereo headphones. In general, the distance between the mobile phone and the Bluetooth headset is not too far. If there is no big obstacle in the middle, the transmission quality is very good within 7 meters, and the breakpoint will appear after more than 8 meters! The connection will be lost between Bluetooth devices over 10 meters.

According to the actual feeling of use, the distance between the mobile phone and the Bluetooth headset is proportional to the noise of the call; in addition, when listening to music using the stereo Bluetooth headset, don't be too far away from the mobile phone, otherwise it will be prone to intermittent. There are many consumers who hang their Bluetooth headsets on their ears at any time, so the styling becomes the basic condition; and each person's ear has a different shape, the user has to try the wearing comfort before purchasing, and then decide to buy; the person wearing the glasses More attention should be paid to the fact that many of the earphones of the Bluetooth headset will conflict with the temples.