How to pair Bluetooth headsets? There are several ways to solve the problem?

2018-09-17 11:21:37 236

Bluetooth headset processing After many friends bought a Bluetooth headset, the most troublesome problem is that the mobile phone does not find a Bluetooth headset.

This will not complete the pairing, of course, you can not use the Bluetooth headset to make a mobile call.

What is going on here? Is there a problem with the quality of the Bluetooth headset purchased? Or is there a problem with the Bluetooth function of the mobile phone? Or should it not be used by itself? Today, these questions will be explained to you briefly. Pairing Bluetooth headsets with mobile phones is not that complicated.

First of all, because the Bluetooth headset may stay in the factory for a period of time, the internal consumption of a certain amount of power, Bluetooth headset processing once the headset is not enough power can not be used normally, there will be a broken sound, beep sound; therefore before use Be sure to fully charge the Bluetooth headset. When charging, it usually displays a red light for 2-3 hours. When the red light is off, the charging is complete.

Although Bluetooth headset processing is simple, it is also ignored by many consumers who are eager to experience. Even some people often suspect that the Bluetooth headset is broken. In fact, it is not necessarily broken. Again, please read the instruction manual carefully before use, so that you can use the Bluetooth headset better and better. Then in the phone settings, open the phone's Bluetooth function, then a Bluetooth icon will appear on the screen. When turned on, the average mobile phone will prompt you to search for nearby Bluetooth devices and select "Yes". This is the mobile phone to start searching for nearby Bluetooth devices. The Bluetooth headset processing takes out the Bluetooth headset at the same time. Press and hold the multi-function power button on the Bluetooth headset for 5-8 seconds until the indicator light on the Bluetooth headset flashes red and blue. Or the light of one color is long (the pairing status of each earphone is different, generally only the two cases). At this time, the Bluetooth headset device is truly searchable. The phone can only search for Bluetooth headsets. After the mobile phone searches for the Bluetooth headset, there will be a few seconds of time when the picture is still, the upper side shows the name of the Bluetooth device; or the name and model of the Bluetooth headset are displayed, the Bluetooth headset is processed and then “Connected Device” is selected. At this time, there will be a prompt screen on the mobile phone, allowing you to enter the pairing code. Generally speaking, the pairing code of the Bluetooth headset is “0000” or “1234”. Please refer to the manual for the specific pairing code. After the pairing is completed, a headset logo will be displayed on the phone. At this point, the Bluetooth headset is all paired, and you can use the Bluetooth headset to make a call or listen to the song. After the first pairing, the next time the Bluetooth headset automatically memorizes the information, there is no need to repeat the pairing action. Just turn on Bluetooth. The automatic pairing connection is completed after booting. In the process of using the Bluetooth headset, I found that there may be a few minor cases: 1. After the pairing is connected, it will be disconnected automatically in a few minutes. In this case, the headset is usually low and the internal power cannot be started normally. resulting in. It is recommended to turn off the Bluetooth headset immediately, start charging for 2 hours, and then use it again. 2. After the connection, the Bluetooth headset will have a beep sound. When this happens, there are two possibilities. One is that the battery is not good, and the other is that the phone signal is not good and the connection is unstable. 3. After connecting, the Bluetooth headset answers the call without sound. This is what you want to check the phone settings. It may be that the volume of the phone is turned off. Check the Bluetooth headset side button volume button to the maximum. In this way, the problem is solved. Bluetooth headset processing 4. There is also a situation, Bluetooth headset can answer the phone, knowledge can not listen to songs, here can refer to two situations, one is that the phone audio output (song) is not open, and second, your Bluetooth headset is a single Ear type, which is mono, does not support listening to songs. The above situation of Bluetooth headset processing is only summarized in the case of customer feedback. Any other situation would also like to explore together. Thank you!