New AirPods Suspected Exposure: In-Ear Wear High Probability with Active Noise Reduction

2019-11-13 16:16:49 135

A few days ago, Apple pushed the iOS 13.2 beta to developers, and developers found the icon of the new AirPods in the new system. Foreign graphic designer Michael Rieplhuber designed a new AirPods rendering based on the exposed icons, showing the details of the new headphones.

From the renderings, the new AirPods have an in-ear design, and the AirPods are completely invisible. The appearance of beauty and ugliness is hard to say. After the renderings are exposed, many netizens spit like a hair dryer.


According to rumors, the new AirPods are smaller and have rubber stoppers, which are expected to be resized according to the size of the ear holes of different users. Compared to the open design, this in-ear design is better able to isolate ambient noise and play a passivenoise reduction function. However, it is less comfortable to wear than open headphones.

It is reported that the new AirPods model code is B298, supports different listening modes, with or without noise reduction, called "focus mode" in the system.