True · Wireless Charging Is Coming Soon, The Future Can Be Expected

2019-11-01 14:17:37 203

Technology has changed lives. Nowadays, the speed of science and technology is growing faster and faster, and many things will change very much if they are not noticed. I recently discovered a very good thing, that is, wireless charging technology is slowly changing. Presumably, most people still only stay in the initial stage of wireless charging technology, which is the wireless charger of mobile phones on the market. Due to the limitation of distance, strictly speaking, this is not really a wireless charging.


I believe that there is a blueprint for everyone charging wireless. Imagine having a machine at home that allows all appliances to be powered wirelessly. The life after that will be greatly changed. For this convenience, many scientists have already invested in it. At present, there are some good results in the field of wireless charging. I hope that there will be related products in the near future.


The result was announced by a startup in the United States, claiming that they had a major breakthrough in the field of wireless charging, which was able to emit radio waves in the range of four meters or so, enabling some electronic carriers with compatible adapters. The product can be charged, and the charging speed is up to 20W. It can be seen that there is no problem in charging the mobile phone. With the advent of this technology, the way the phone will be charged will definitely change.


Of course, this is just a breakthrough. After the advancement of technology, the speed of charging will become faster and the distance will be farther away. It is absolutely possible. In the future, only one such power supply machine is needed in the home. Others such as TVs, refrigerators, computers, etc. can be used directly without wiring, and it is also possible to have no wiring at home. It’s just that it’s not yet that level. It’s still time.