V1 TWS Bluetooth Earphone

Product parameters 

1. Function: 4D stereo sound / smart touch / support wireless charging / flip pop-up / composite film speaker / support binaural separation mode / play up and down music adjustment / increase and decrease volume adjustment 

2. Bluetooth version / chip: Jerry 6936D V5.0 double call 

3. When calling/music: 4 hours 

4. Charging time: 1 hour 

5. Standby time: 100 hours 

6. Charging battery: 300MA with protection board 

7. Bluetooth distance: 10-15 meters barrier-free 

8. Headphone battery: 35MA 

9. Frequency range: 2.4G-3.2GHZ 

10. Charging bin size: 51.1x22x44mm 

11. Headphone size: 5*40MM 

12. Packing size: 14.5x8x4.2cm 

13. Product weight: 0.168KG 

14. Box gauge: 60x42x23.5CM 

15. 100pcs/box: 18kg


V1 series function description 

1. power off 

2. boot automatic headset interconnection matching 

3. the pop-up window series opens the Bluetooth automatic pop-up window connection 

4. After the mobile phone is successfully paired, the headset is automatically turned back on after the power is turned off. 

5. Touch play/pause once. Call answering 

6. continuous touch twice to call out siri 

7. contact touch 3 times call back 

8. the left and right ears are pressed for 3 seconds. 

9. long press 5 seconds to shut down 

10. all operations of the headset have a tone 

11. the headset has a sound for the two-channel call left and right ears 

12. Bluetooth version 5.0 13, with wireless charging



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