V2 TWS Waterproof Bluetooth Earphone

Product parameters

1. Function: 6D stereo sound/flip pop-up window/support wireless charging/binaural separation/composite film speaker/IOS pop-up window SIRI and Android voice assistant/ play music up and down song adjustment / increase and decrease volume function

2. Chip: Jieli 6936D double call

3. Call/music:4 hours

4. Standby time: 7-10 days

5. Charging time: 1 hour

6. Charging compartment battery: 400MA with protection board

7. Headset battery: 40MA

8. Charging bin size: 51*47*24MM

9. Headphone size: 43x17MM

10. Product weight: 0.153 kg

11. Working range: 10~15 meters barrier-free

12. Wireless frequency: 2.402-2.480GHz

13. Bluetooth version:V5.0+EDR

14. Packing size:14.5x8x4.2cm

15. Packing/outer box: 60*42*23.5CM

16. Packing standard: 100PCS/box

17. FCL weight: 16.5 kg


V2 series function description

1. power off

2. boot automatic headset pairing, not connected to the phone Bluetooth, manually double-click to convert the host pairing

3. Connect the mobile phone Bluetooth pairing, automatically pop up the window, after the connection is completed, the second pop-up window displays the Bluetooth name and 3 battery

4. After the mobile phone is successfully paired, the phone will be automatically turned back on the boot headset.

5. Touch play/pause once. Call answering

6. The left ear touches the next song twice, and the right ear touches the previous song twice.

7. The left ear touches the volume 3 times and the right ear touches the volume 3 times.

8. Long press for 3 seconds to pop up SIRI interaction

9. Press and hold for 5 seconds to shut down.

10. Bluetooth version 5.0

11. with wireless charging.

12. three true power (headphones, headphones, charging pile)

13. Android pop-up window (download a QR code plugin).

14. Three real power needs to cover the window 6S to stop playing, the headphone charging pile light is on 6S to stop the flashing light for charging.

15. After the three real power windows are closed, if the headset is fully charged, the Bluetooth pairing will automatically connect the headphones.


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